My beloved Rose, I went to the church in the early morning and lit a candle for you and prayed for a few minutes. I was feeling sad, that there was no sign of life. I know you are busy, but I know that is not the reason for not writing to me; but I don't know what is the reason for not writing to me. I will keep praying and will keep working hard for you, because I believe in a beautiful story with the most beautiful mind and most beautiful girl, I met.
04Jun 2013 8:56 AM

My beloved Rose, I prayed for your happiness and well being in the church and lit a candle for you. I also prayed to Jesus to help me win your love and I promised Him that I will look after you the best I could. May God bless you, my beloved Rose. SJP
03Jun 2013 7:31 AM

Good morning Rose, What an accident it was? Last night we had a surprise visitor, a creative family of artists and readers. I was out for walking when they popped in, so came back quickly, and had some good discussion. We spoke about my just finished Isadora Duncan's autobiography. They said come home we will celebrate our meeting after long. We went, I gave them Isadora's book. Do you know what was the book they gave me to read? "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. As you know, I just got our web site skeleton ready last night. You can see that one of the tabs is "The Last Letter". I was shaping my thoughts for writing the last letter. Then I got this book. Do you think it is an accident? I started reading it already :) Have a nice day
31May 2013 8:25 AM