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"My name is A - - - M - - - -    W - - - - l and I am from S- - - - - - - n.", she continued introducing herself. It was a voice from heaven through the face of an angel. It was 12th Sep 2011 in Frankfurt. Later I started calling her Anna, my angel and my love. In the very few Deutsche words I learned, I kept on writing to her:

"Meine geliebte Anna, Sie sind mein Engel, du bist meine Liebe".

Yesterday on the 22nd Nov 2013, she removed me from her facebook friend list, because I hurt her too much by writing my love against her will. As she walks away from my life even as a friend, there is only one thing that gives me happiness. I still love her and treat her as my angel. My beloved Anna, do you know how much I love you.? If you ever wanted to know, please read me here..

I will write my tale of love soon, after I recover. 

May Jesus bless my beloved Anna always, whereever she is and whatever she does.

23rd Nov 2013, 3.53 AM

Eternally yours

- - - - - 

(Old introduction is below)

I am an every day person like most of us. She is the Angel of Deutschland and the most beautiful woman I came across. I am in love with her and obviously she is not  :)


I could never stop writing to her, but writing love to her against her will was sad for both of us. So I took her permission to start a web site for her and write my love there, hoping that one day she will find my letters and dedication to her and fall in love with me. Hope is the last thing that dies, says the Bible; so I will do good things for her and dedicate it to her and I will keep praying for her well being and will keep up my hope that one day she will fall in love with me.


I believe in a beautiful story.

Eternally yours

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