Last Letter

My beloved Rose,

One of the beauties of life is that you never know when you will die. Death is a random event, and some times you never get a chance to say those last words to those whom you love most. So when I decided to start this site with your permission, I decided that I will have a tab called "The last letter" to tell you what I wanted to tell, in case Jesus calls me back, without a notice.


This is the last letter, and I called you Rose; I did not disclose any of the details of yours and thus I kept the most important promise I gave to you. I always loved and respected you. As I had to leave this shore based on God's will, all I wanted to tell you is to lead a life that will make you happy. I will keep praying in heaven or hell (depends on where I go smiley) for your happiness. I enjoyed being in love with you, and I always wished if you could love me. But you don't have to worry about it, because love is a natural feeling, you either feel it to someone or you don't feel it. There is nothing in between, everything in between are not love, they are practical relations. To my part, this was the purest and most divine feel of love I ever felt, and ever since I never looked elsewhere for love. I used every opportunity I had whether it is church or temple, whether it is my village church or Westminister Abbey, to pray for you. Every Monday, since we had our dinner in May 2012, I prayed for you. So I am happy that I was truthful in my love for you. 


I wish we will meet in heaven and will have a life together. That will make it a beautiful story, as I always wished for. So, I am not leaving my hope, I am only leaving this place.


I wish and pray all happiness for you.

Let me stop here with a smiley and bye for now till we meet in heaven.

Eternally yours

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