Twinkling Star

Arabia, 01st Jun 2013

Twinkling Star - Sign of Life II

My beloved Rose,

When I was a child, I used to spend the annual vacation at my mama’s home. My mom was the eldest child and all my uncles were students and one of my uncles was even younger to me. I was lucky to have my grandparents and even my great grandparents there. My great grandma was very active for her age. She used to wear earrings which were larger than her ears, and I was worried at times that one day it will break her ears and fall down. I loved stories especially those from old aged people, because the way they tell the stories, the characters, the feelings, the surroundings and the expressions were all different than contemporary stories. She was fond of me, because I was a good listener and at times asking naughty questions. She used to chew betel pans, which are made from arecanut, lime and betel leaf. Once in a while, I get the privilege to have a small betel leaf with a piece of arecanut, which was sufficient enough to make me a hero among my uncles, specially the younger uncle. The great grandma was not so impressed with my uncles, because none of them were interested to listen to her stories because they have heard them a million times. Since I was not a regular, and was also asking questions about the life of the old times, I found them interesting. The most working organ of grandma was her tongue, she speak most of the time, chew pan the remaining time or eat if there is any more time left.

One of the stories the great grandma told was about the prince, princess and twinkling star:  Long long ago there was a prince and princess. They loved each other so much that when they hug each other it will rain! The princess wished for a baby boy and the prince wished for a baby girl. One day the princess became pregnant and thereafter the prince spent the whole day with her, sometimes massage her legs, sometimes combing her hair, sometimes going to the kitchen to taste the food that is being prepared for the princess, sometimes organizing beautiful folk dances for her, sometimes bringing flowers for her, sometimes bringing the best perfumes for her. After the dinner, he will take her to the garden and she will lie down in the garden bench on his lap and watch the stars. And one day the princess asked him: What will be the name of our child? The prince said “Rose”. But the princess said, “But what if we get a boy?”. The prince said, “I know it is a girl”. The princess was laughing, at his confidence. The prince said, “I was praying always to Jesus to give me a baby girl. One day Jesus appeared in my dreams and told me “If you look after your wife like your little daughter then you will get a baby girl. If you take her to the garden and show her to see the stars every night, the most beautiful stars that twinkle her eyes will be born as your daughter.”” The prince said “I was nursing you all this while like a little baby, and sure I should get a baby daughter”. And finally the day has come and the princess delivered a baby girl. She was the most beautiful girl in the world with the eyes of the twinkling star, because the prince looked after the princess like a little baby when she was pregnant. They called her Rose, and it is after that the Rose flower got its name as Rose! My grandma took a deep breath and opened the pan box. So I asked her, what was the name of the Rose flower before that? She smiled, and gave me a betel leaf and a piece of arecanut. It could be because she liked my question or because she wanted to avoid more questions!

One day my great grandma died. A few days later, I went to the top of the hill in the night and lied down on the grass watching the stars. I saw a star twinkling its eyes all the time, and I thought it is my grandma or it is the little Rose, may be they are the same. I remember watching that twinkling star many times in my life from the top of that hill, till I left my village for higher studies.

As I was writing this, I was thinking to myself, what was the name of my great grandma? I don’t know. I called up my mom today to see if she remembers her grandma’s name. Even she doesn’t. Sometimes, why should we even know a name? I know your name, but I cannot use it . But the great grandma gave me a beautiful story of the prince and princess and the twinkling star. After all a sign of life starts at the tummy of the princess (every loving family will have a princess), and the first signs of the tummy are so tiny that it resembles the twinkles of the star. My beloved Rose, ever since I left Frankfurt, all that I have is your sign of life. Those signs of life are like the twinkles of my grandma’s star. If I am lucky to have you as my princess, I will look after you like my grandma’s princess, like a little baby as Jesus said, and I will take you to the garden and watch the twinkling star every night. And one day, we will get a little Rose.


The chocolate box you gave me was baby pink, like this little Rose

Eternally yours

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