My beloved Anna,

I know why you removed me from your facebook friend list, yesterday. As you walk away from me even as a friend in facebook, there is only one thing left in my life, that gives me happiness: I still love you. With all purity in my heart I can tell you:

"Meine geliebte Anna, Sie sind mein Engel, du bist meine Liebe".

I love you and always will. I hope my angel will come back to me one day, because I know my love is pure. I will pray for you every day whereever I am; I will travel around the world and pray for you, I will continue my love in a noble way.


Till Anna comes back to my life:

"What light is light, if Anna be not seen,

"What joy is joy, if Anna be not by"


"If winter comes, can spring be far behind..?"


I am crying as I write this.. I hope you will come back to my life.

23 Nov 2013, at 4AM

(The day that changed Rose to Anna)


Eternally yours

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