Sign of life

My beloved Rose,

I hope you are doing well and happy. I have celebrated the anniversary of our one and only dinner in a stationary boat restaurant, in its upper deck. There was cool breeze all along; far away in the land, there was a marriage going on and I could hear an Arabic song that sings a lot about love (habibi). The sky in Arabia is full of stars, they don't cover their faces with the veil of clouds like the girls of this land or unlike the stars of Deutschland.

The lamps of the land was travelling through the waves to the boat and with the free wind on my face, and the stars up on the sky, and wine on the table it was a night in heaven. The seat of my angel was empty, but I talked a lot to my angel. I thanked her for the sign of life and said Prost to my beloved Rose.

In the beginning, I could recognize the small swings of the boat with the tides and after a couple of wines, I started swinging more than the boat and we were competing each other. Then my thoughts flew with the wind to the small dinner table in Frankfurt on 9th May 2012, where God sent his angel to dine with me. My beloved Rose, you truly are an angel. That dinner has changed the history of my life into BC and AD (like Jesus split the history of time).

The tale of the last one year was unbelievably beautiful and unbearably painful. My emotions burnt like the flames of a giant fire that swings with the wind and struggles to touch the sky; it was scary at times and I thought I will be burnt into ashes. And then my angel will appear in the clouds and shower the downpour to destroy the fire. And thus I am here alive and well, celebrating the anniversary of our dinner.

I asked Krishna, why can't she come and join me? He smiled and said: "It is a long and beautiful story, you have to tell the whole story before she fall in love!". I was not convinced, and I asked him: "I can tell the stories after she fall in love also, she does not have to wait for that". Krishna smiled and replied: "I know you are in a hurry. But, once your lips touch each other, they will never separate and you will not be able to tell anything, for she will never take her lips back". I could hear the music of his flute for a while and then it dissolved into the whisper of the waves along with his mysterious smile that survived the test of times. Then, for a moment, the clouds coved the eyes of the stars and my angel flew down and kissed my cheeks and whispered in my ears: "Please wait, please continue writing..". Before I could tell anything, she vanished into the clouds and I know it was the soul of my beloved Rose. Once again, she gave me a sign of life, and only I could see that.

May God bless you, my beloved Rose and the angel of Deutschland. When can I see your beautiful face again?

Eternally yours

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