Take me to your heart

My beloved Rose,

  Today is Monday and I am happy that I can pray for my Angel in the church. I always search for nice songs to share with you and most of the time, I don't find something so beautiful. But I did find this one accidentally. It is beautiful.

Please listen to this song and enjoy. You are the person who makes me want to sing, and don't forget the most important thing:

Take me to your heart, be my guidling star !



posted on 10Jun 2013

What a wonderful world

My beloved Rose,

Good morning. If I did not fall in love with you, I would not have ever heard of this song. I was searching for the sweet songs of mankind and got this one. I hope you will enjoy this. If you like, please don't forget to give me a sign of life smiley, because that will make my world wonderful.


posted on 03Jun 2013


My beloved Rose,

Do you remember the little Rose who went to the little home town church, somewhere in those snow capped Alpine hills?. I could see that little Rose in your eyes, in your kindness, and we got those good things through Him. 

I dedicate this song to the little Angel in you, the eyes that wept at "It is a wonderful life" and also to Jesus who looks after my little Angel.

May God bless you, my beloved Rose.

Eternally yours,


posted on 01Jun 2013